36 Authors
From 10 countries
With 750 years experience

= 350 Amazing Ideas In One Book

What happens when futurist Mark Schaefer assembles 35 of his smartest marketing friends from around the world (with more than 750 years of accumulated experience!) and asks for their best marketing ideas?

Well, it’s something amazing.

In fact, it’s The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever!

The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever

A Must-Have Marketing Book

Covering every aspect of marketing you ever wanted to know about, from podcasts to user generated content. 

36 authors give you tips on their area of expertise. Helping you navigate the wild world of marketing.

You’ll get the knowledge of over 750 years worth of experience, all digested down into useful tips and practical advice.

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About Anna's Chapter

Anna, Co-Founder of Those That Dare uncovers the fascinating topic of experiential marketing.

She walks you through creating memorable experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your audience, ensuring they choose you over your competitors.

What's Inside

This book takes you on a ride from traditional marketing ideas like billboards and email to the metaverse and beyond. In this book, you will learn:

  • Foundational principles of marketing strategy, content marketing and social media
  • Inside tips to propel your business through LinkedIn, email, and advertising
  • Insights into emerging trends such as NFTs, Web3, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Practical tips to help you with research, strategic communications, and measurement

…and much more!

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