YATM Creator Day Talk

Hi di hi, thank you for coming to my talk at You Are The Media Creator Day.

Getting diverse ideas into your marketing strategy is such an important topic. Not only will it help you become more innovative in your marketing, companies that embrace diverse thinking are also more profitable.

I’ve included my slides below, and I’ve also created a video with my co-founder delving a little deeper into the subject.

If you want to buy the book Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed that I recommended, you can find it on Amazon.

If you have any questions, please give me a shout, I can talk about this topic for hours!

Further down this page I’ve also popped an opportunity to try our new course free, and a link to special offer for our power hour 😊

The Slide Deck

A more in-depth slide deck from the one I presented, to just help jog your memory on the finer details I talked about.

A Deeper Dive

I recorded an extra discussion with my co-founder Ann-Marie when I did this talk at BrightonSEO, where we delve into why diverse ideas are important and our experiences of diverse thinking in the real-world.

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