Aligning Your Business and Marketing Goals

Hi di hi, thank you for coming to our webinar!

Aligning business and marketing goals is a huge focus of ours, as we find it makes it easier to obtain C-suite approval, secure budget, and reach goals faster with reduced friction – making your job much less stressful.

We hope our webinar gave you some inspiration and answered all your questions.

We’ve included our slides below, and the video recording will be up soon, we’ll email you when it is.

If you have any questions, please give Anna or Ann-Marie a shout – we can talk about this topic for hours!


We mentioned in the webinar our new Strategy Support Suite. If you want a hand in creating your strategy – from data reviews to goal alignment – we can support you. Head over to our Strategy Support Suite page for more information.

The Slide Deck

Here’s our slide deck to help jog your memory on the topics we talked about.


We’ll upload the video of the webinar here shortly. If you missed the live, please do send us any questions you have.

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